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The Hardware & Software of Relationship

Dear Jack,

You want to know what you should take into consideration in choosing a partner? Oh waoh! Let me share a parable with you.

A smart young techie went to an old man for advice on choosing a wife. The old man flatly declined and the young man wondered why. It all dates back to Genesis the old man said. Adam tried to hang it on God! Your choice is your decision. And he turned his face away and gazed into the distance. The young man was disappointed. As he got up to leave, the old man said to him, “Let me teach you how to buy a computer instead.” The young man was incredulous. An old man is going to teach a geek how to buy a computer?! The old man smiled. “You don’t think I can teach you about computers do you? Hmn! Always remember – young men may boast of shiny new clothes but they cannot match the aged in rags of wisdom. You young men always think you know!”

And the old man smiled “Don’t worry, I was like you when I was young! Let me teach you! A computer is made up of parts, isn’t it? There’s hardware, operating system, there are the applications… The young man’s face was full of surprise. The old man spoke cognizably with confidence, but where’s this going? “Only a fool buys a computer based on just the casing. What’s inside is the computer.” Well obviously, the young man thought. “But you still factor in the casing don’t you?” the old man asked rhetrhorically. “I mean they make notebooks attractive. Casings come in different flavours. Some are sleek, some are bulky. Some are brown, some are black, some white. It all depends on taste.”

Where’s this going the young man wondered again. The old man noticed his impatient look, ignored it and continued. “Then there are the applications. Like Word, and Excel… Nice names… Word. Excel. On reflection, deep!

In human terms applications will be things like cooking, decorating etc. They’re applications. Trying to use human terms to explain computers to you. Hope you don’t feel insulted?” “Oh no! Never thought of a computer that way. Please continue,” the young man said out of respect.

The old man continued: “Now you know the software can’t run without the operating system, don’t you? Operating system is key. If I were you I’ll pay a LOT of attention to operating system. In human terms operating system will be the philosophy of life, values, belief, faith, exposure, education. They determine character, attitude and behavior. An application may be wonderful but if the operating system is full of bugs, the application will malfunction. The problem is coming from the operating system but it won’t be obvious. Operating system is the root. Imagine a beautiful looking notebook with a messed up operating system. That’s like a beautiful woman without character, isn’t it? Not wise investing in that kind of notebook. Yet operating system is useless without applications. What’s the value of MAC OS without Word and Excel, or even Office?”

This is now making sense the young man thought. Human dimensioning of a computer! He’s enjoying this! “Processing speed…” the old man reflected from left field. I liken it to human intelligence.” At this the young man smiled. He was beginning to see what the old man was doing. He was using computer buying lessons to teach him how to pick a marriage partner. Clever old man!

The philosophy, beliefs and values of a potential partner are critical. If there’s fundamental disagreement on values, beliefs and philosophy, there’s going to be incompatibility. Don’t marry based on physical attributes (casing) alone, the old man was also saying. Interesting! And he smiled!

“Some computers are blithesomely fast,” the old man was saying. “Some have average speed, some are slow. It all depends on what appeals to you, what can process your thoughts. In humans, processing speed is determined by educational level, intellect, intelligence, wisdom, experience.

“Then there’s the hard drive. Data storage device. Most hard drives come pre-loaded, just like humans. We’re all stuffed with different files: knowledge, virtue, goodness… But some people store pain and bitterness. These are large files. They take too much space. They’re not useful files either and they corrupt other files. They’re full of bugs. Well known bugs are malice and unforgiveness. Terrible viruses! Be careful about malware! “

“Now, about the screen. What is projected on the screen at the store is usually sales pitch. Animation and stuff. These are promotional stuff. Verify the claims. Don’t just buy a computer on the recommendation of a store assistant or manager. The computer is going home with you, not him! Run your checks. Do due diligence. Ask questions. Make your judgment. Don’t ignore warnings”.

“How about the camera?” the young man asked. “Most notebook computers have it now.” “Oh, the camera. Allows people to see eye to eye, doesn’t it? My grand-daughter uses it for Skype. I see eye to eye with her on Skype. Communication. Seeing eye to eye on issues. Interesting! But you know you must love your computer to care for it very well…Hmn…Love”. *sigh*”Love is important.”

The old man cleared his throat: “Well, that’s how to buy a computer young man! I hope I’ve taught you a thing or two!” And with that, the old man picked up his hat beside him. He gently coarsed it unto his head, creasing it some. He struggled up from the park bench on his cane. He paused, looked ahead and shambled away.

Your mentor, LA


©Leke Alder 2013


Tags : Hardware, Character, Choosing, Software

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