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The Letter…

Dear Jil, I came across this story. Thought I’d share it with you! Enjoy!


“The beauty is still there but she’s much older now. Grandma must have been a RAVISHING beauty! She walks with a slight stoop. Probably needs a cane but her vanity can’t accommodate a stiff helper. Sometimes the arthritis gets the better of her. But it’s not her style to complain. Would have been different were Grandpa still alive! She would have made a case to him; though she always complained he couldn’t even make “ordinary tea”. Everyone made fun of Grandpa. He was good natured.

‘Grandma,’ I began…’I don’t know who to date…I’m kind of confused. The two seem nice’…. I rattled off comparative analysis for the next five minutes, dressed in my English accent. I’d lived in England all my life. Grandma listened to me, never interjected. I was grateful for that, and I was soon out of words. She patted my hand, got up (a bit slow), went to the desk across the length of her room, opened the drawer, brought out a key. With the key she opened an oak box on the table. It was full of letters, momentos… Her hand shook a bit. She retrieved a letter from the box, shut the lid, and walked back to the couch where we sat. She handed me the letter.

The envelope was aged and frayed from readings. On it was a man’s scrawl, ‘My Darling’. ‘Bring it out and read,’ Grandma said, gently. I brought out the letter and unfolded it – not unlike a present. ‘Read it,’ she said again, her voice full of accommodation and kindness. And I began to read: ‘My dear Dorothy, I’m sitting here listening to our music – the music we danced to on our wedding night. As I listen to the words, memories flood my heart. I do remember how we met. I remember seeing you that very first night. You sat on the bench. Seems like eternity now. We met in the midst of all my troubles, but you loved my troubles away. When my soul wanders I wonder: What would life have been without Dorothy! If there’s one thing I know in this life, it’s the fact of your love. Your love makes all the difference.

You remind me of the sounds of joy. I’ll like to buy you the moon… But that will be too small! Astronomers tell us there’s a huge diamond planet out there. (*Editors note: Planet PSR J1719-1438 b). That I’d like to buy you, but what would that be to you? You already have a heart of diamond! I look at our home – how you remodelled it with love, and filled it with love. The peace that is our home – your kindness, love and gentleness. You’ve given me all that really matters. You are a beautiful woman no doubt, and I’m proud of that… But your beauty is incomparable to the beauty of your heart.

When I think of your sacrificial love, the things you gave up, just to have us; there’s nothing I won’t share with you. You celebrate me each waking moment in the mini festivals of your heart, glad to be my wife. And I’m glad to be your husband. And your lover, and your friend.

You once asked me why I work so hard. Well, I work so hard to take care of you and the children. I want you happy… truly happy for you to feel loved. I want you to be you, to be all that God wants you to be. It’s why I support you in all your endeavour… Will continue to support you. I only plead one thing, don’t forget to love me. I couldn’t do without it. I know your friends think you’re lucky because of the way I pamper you, but I’m the lucky one. I’m lucky to have you! Daily I pray, that God will grant me the means to take care of you, and our children. I love you darling!

Sometimes I contemplate our old age. (I know you don’t want to grow old!) I can see you in our old age; a beautiful woman, curly short hair… copious grey hiding among the dark, so mixed up they can’t be harvested. You’re still my wonderful girlfriend, even in old age. Same loving complaints about my inadequacies, like making ordinary tea. You are as fashionable as ever, sprite and age appropriate trendy. I’m not bad myself (as you well know!) I see me in a blue blazer, Gatsby cap, white Eton shirt, my winsome smile… We travel the world, and I buy you presents and “things” (wink), like I’ve always done, spoiling you. I shop for you as always. I always will. I see us holding hands on the streets of Paris. I’m telling you all these so you know in your heart that in my heart our love will always be.

I will still be patient with you forty years from now. I will still donate two hours of my life each morning to you, forty years from now, just for your dressing. I will still do your zipper for you, and clasp your neck and hand chains, forty years from now. I will still look forward to that question of yours – “How do I look?” forty years from now. And I will still respond, ‘You look beautiful, and adorable – just like my wife!’ forty years from now. Hopefully you’ll still wake up in the morning happy and troublesome, forty years from now. Hopefully I’ll still always snore and talk through my sleep, forty years from now. Hopefully you’ll still give me a kiss first thing in the morning, forty years from now.

I want you to keep this letter in the safe deposit of your heart. I’d like you to read it forty years from now, to see if I kept my word. Forty years more, that’s all I ask of you. Forty more years… Then I’ll renew my vows – for another forty years! I’ll always love you, till the end of my given days! xxx Love, ZM.’

Emotions welled in my eyes and I looked at Grandma. She’s so wise! So many lessons. And the forty year lesson. And I knew who to date!”

That’s the end of the story. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Your mentor, LA.

© Leke Alder 2014

Tags : Love, Forty-years, Old

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