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Sex Torrent

Dear Jack, that’s a sex torrent you have out there. May God help you! You have sex coming at you from all sides. It’s on your entertainment news, music videos, fashion shows, on Twitter… You’re surrounded! It’s one of the reasons your sexual pressure is high. You’re bombarded with sexual imagery.
Look at an hour’s load of sexual information from just one source on Twitter- a news desk: “Keyshia calls out her cheating husband on Instagram… Crazy fan viciously grabs Dr. Rey of 90210’s penis in public…

…PEEP THIS! Afro Candy shares new raunchy photo… Lady gaga suffers wardrobe malfunction, flashes boobs during filming…

…PEEP THIS! Cynthia Morgan shares nude photo with Mr. 2Kay…
…I can’t wait till I get married before I start having sex – Actress Colette Orji…

…Dakota Johnson jokes about 50 Shades of Grey on Saturday Night Live…

…Again, Omoni Oboli shows off some skin in beautiful dress…

…‘Michelangelo of butt injections’ claims Amber Rose sought out her services…” All these from one news service.

The brain works in a summary fashion. It never really reads text and information fully. It functions like the predictive text on your phone. As you BEGIN to type in some words, your phone jumps to conclusion. So does your brain. It jumps to conclusion at the suggestion of alphabets. You experience the same phenomenon when you channel-surf your cable subscription service. As you surf for programs, some words on the information bar will call out to you. Words like CSI, Sex, Music… On a pause and further interrogation you may discover that what your brain is suggesting is not really the program title. The program bar just contained letters SUGGESTING programs important to you. It’s why you paused. That’s actually your random access memory in operation. It’s not until AFTER you ACTUALLY read that menu bar you REALISE the program is NOT what you’ll really want. Your brain is just trying to help you reach a faster decision. Your brain fooled you because it focused on certain words it considered important to you. Those operative words are referred to as idea words and phrases. They suggest things. Those operative words and images were stored by you over time. And you access them regularly. Your brain learns about you, archives words and images that are important to you in easy access files. It associates those words with the images like a search function of a website. It knows which words you use recurrently, and is able to mine you for ideas that are important to you. The computer system is a very poor imitation of brain function. It was modeled on it. Now, if you look at the news items I reproduced above you will find some of the words form powerful associations. When these associations are formed your imagination takes over. Repetitive exposure conditions you. Those words become stimuli. The words are thematically linked around the idea of sex. In association they’re thus powerful.

Let’s identify the freely associating words and phrases that are thematically linked to sex from that Twitter newsfeed:

“Cheating husband”… “grabs…penis”… “raunchy photo”…

“wardrobe malfunction”… “Afro Candy”… “flashes boobs”…

Can you see you can almost read the words as a sentence. The brain kind of rearranges them.

“Amber Rose”… “shows…some skin”… ”butt”… “nude photo”… “having sex”…“50 Shades of Grey”… “injections”…

See what I mean? That’s a lot of sexual imagery being beamed at you and your brain will get to work on those words. It’s trying to make you understand what you’re reading, attaching pictures to those words. If you keep on exposing yourself to such words you’ll condition yourself the more to respond to those image suggestions. Images are powerful. Porn, nude pix, sex videos… they’ll turn you on. Images are powerful. Genesis says one of the raw materials for the making of man is image. And so man responds to images. He also responds to similitudes and ideas because he was made from a similitude. Man was made from an idea, and similitude- what the Bible calls “likeness”: “Let’s make man in our likeness.” And so for a man in particular, “she looks like” matters a lot. Men are drawn to templates. She looks like (Beyoncé)… Looks like (fill in the gap)… Similitude greatly influences a man’s taste. There are many young men dating “Looks Like” and not their girlfriends. Variableness in those looks makes them emotionally erratic and the girl can’t understand. When you over-expose yourself to sexual imagery your nervous system of course responds. You’ll be turned on. To satisfy the agitation of the nervous system some resort to masturbation. Which of course can’t satisfy deeply. It’s just mental sex. The intimacy is missing. And neural agitation only leads to more neural agitation. That’s how people become trapped in a cycle of masturbation. Which can lead to addiction. And that’s big trouble right there. Masturbation can become addictive. As a young man you must be careful about things associated with your neural system. Can easily lead to addiction. Sex and drugs are clear examples.

You must be careful. The alternative is to lurch from one sexual encounter to the other, seeking sexual relief. No relationship. Without intimacy sex cannot deeply satisfy, and marriage is the ultimate intimacy. If you don’t want to be in this condition then you have to limit your exposure to sexual content. That takes a whole lot of discipline but discipline starts with a simple and powerful decision. Self-discipline starts on the inside. Discipline what you feed yourself, what you expose yourself to, what you indulge in. Discipline maketh the man.

Your mentor, LA.

© Leke Alder


Tags : Sex

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