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*You Are That Wonderful Beautiful Thing

The letter floated ashore, preserved in a plastic case – debris from the ill-fated plane crash on the Adriatic Ocean. It was a love letter from a man to his wife. She apparently carried it with her on her journey, among other mementos. There were 80th anniversary birthday cards in that plastic box. Some had children scrawls. “Happi BathDaY GrAMa,” one read cheerfully. “When are yOu bakin My choclat caKe?” The Adriatic being the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, the plastic case had floated ashore by that route But what a letter it was. It’s a living letter. So raw with emotion, so honest. It’s the type any woman would wish for. It was posted on the Facebook page of one of the grandchildren, now a full grown woman. This is the content:

“My dear Abigail, you’re that wonderful beautiful thing in my life and I just want you to know. I want you to know how much I love you, how much you mean to me. This I hope I have conveyed to you over the years in my words, in my actions, in my gifts and in my loving. We all need to be reminded once in every while the good things about us, what makes us great and special. The insecurity bred by the fickleness of human memory necessitates such affirmation. But even if memory were faithful and loyal, I would still remind you how much I love you, how much you mean to me.

It’s our wedding anniversary next week and I just want you to know how much I appreciate you, in advance. I am forever thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful woman in you. You are no doubt a very beautiful woman. (Do forgive me if my vanity overtakes me). You have such beautiful and kind eyes. Your eyes pronounce a “Come hither” look. You have such a gentle chin. Your upper lip is like Cupid’s bow, your lower lip like stung flesh – full and inviting. Your smile is a beautifier. Your cheeks are dimpled like the contours of undulating landscape. Matched with your coiffed brows, you are my exoticus. You have that beautiful glow on your face – the sheen from the effervescence of a guileless and radiant soul. All your beautiful features have conspired to hold me bound for all eternity. I will love you till kingdom come.

I do not want any other woman but you. I cannot imagine any other woman but you. The wonderful coincidence of all your wonderful qualities convinces me there is a God up there. You’re my living, breathing miracle of mercy from God. What a heart God has given you… a soft and tender heart. So soft and comforting it has become my cardiac pillow. I am amazed at your capacity to give sacrificially, to do good to many and all in kindness and generosity. I wake up each morning and I can’t but give thanks to God for you. And though you have so many wonderful features yet your heart is the biggest and most beautiful part of you. You’re my soul mate, the one who loves me and just loves me in ways I cannot begin to fathom. You’re the one I trust, whose counsel I rely on because of the sincerity and purity of your heart.

You have filled our home with so much love, so much joy. The physical dimensions of our home are filled with your love and kindness. I don’t ever want to do without you. I don’t ever want to lose you. I strive daily to be a better man, a good and caring husband… just for us and just for you. God has made up for my lack by giving me an angel in you. He that is forgiven much loveth much, the scriptures say. Only the undeserving appreciate the depth of grace. I would love to feel entitled to you, but who can ever be deserving of such love. Who can ever be deserving of such a one as you? Who can ever be deserving of your devotion.

And when you dress, you make me proud. Please don’t ever stop looking stylish and beautiful, even in our old age. But as proud as I am each time you dress, it is your heart I find most comforting and assuring. I am able to express myself this way because I trust your love.

Your dedication to us is an amazing thing to watch. You’re so invested! Your life is invested in the project called us. Words cannot express the profundity of the immensity of my gratitude to God for giving you to me. And in this life and in this place I am forever grateful I found you. You are my missionary. When I think of the crossings of life, how we met, I am amazed at the implausible orchestrations of God. He kept you for me, placed you in a gift box tied with red ribbons of love. Your quiet, gentle ways bring peace to my heart. Your love permeates the fleshy walls of my heart and I am grateful.

Your heart is a vulcanizing implement pumping warm affection into our home, all day and all night. You have made our home so soft… no rancour, no fights, no ill affection… Just peace and love and joy. And you’re such a wonderful mother to our children. They are lucky to have you. And they know. Please keep this letter. Some day I shall be gone. And when I am gone I will want you to read it over and over again. I want to thank you for all the years we’ve had, all the love we’ve shared, all the years to come, all the joys in store. I would love to make life happier for you, lovelier for you, more beautiful for you. Please be assured of my dedication to this quest. I know you know I am doing my best. I will continue to strive. I love you with all of my heart my darling. Your one and only, Gabriel.”

What do you think of this letter? I find it so moving, and so genuine. I know some believe this kind of love is impossible but there you are! And why go into marriage for less! Love does happen, and there are beautiful happy marriages. May you find your soul mate.

Your mentor, LA

*This #Letr2Jil is dedicated to my wife, the beautiful wonderful thing in my life.

© Leke Alder |


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