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Mr. Goode

Dear Jack, you do need to do good to people, to seek to be a blessing to others. Make it a habit. Let me tell you a story about a gentleman, Mr. Goode. He was always trying to do good, always seeking to be a blessing. Yet this man suffered one of the most hellacious trials in life. Friends betrayed him, enemies assailed him. In the furnace of his trials the man kept doing good, never wishing anyone ill, not even his enemies. He never sought vengeance against those who did him evil though he had considerable clout to afflict them. For this his enemies redoubled their efforts, tormenting his life and destiny, leveraging the pain in his life. He was actually going through a divorce. He just wanted to be free from the trauma that threatened his health and life.

In the course of time he met a certain young woman. She looked up to him for advice on her career and talents. No, I know what you’re thinking… Just follow my story. The young lady was happily married. As was his custom he was good to this young lady, giving her advice, never expecting anything in return. Oh, he knew the fact that you do good to people doesn’t mean they’ll do good to you, given the opportunity. Fallen man is fallen man. You can do good to people and they’ll repay you with evil. But no matter. Indeed his avowed enemies were people he had done good to. They nonetheless chose to persecute him out of envy.

Despite the persecution he resolved never to stop doing good, lest he change and become like his enemies. He vowed never to allow the character of others reform him. He would continue to do all the good he can. And so he continued to do good, refraining himself from doing evil to even his enemies despite grievous temptation. He kept being himself, giving hope and comfort to all who came his way, helping whomever he can. A word of encouragement there, a financial assistance there, a word of advice there… He kept doing good. And so he would advice this young lady about her career and talents, not knowing she was a John the Baptizer! John the Baptizer as you know heralded Jesus the Christ. But let’s use popular parlance, let’s call him John the Baptist.

A “John the Baptist” is a herald of something wonderful, a presager of the magnificent. Mr. Goode knew little of the young woman’s family, save her husband, who also sought his advice. And so this man did good to the young lady, and now her husband. This is a true story I’m telling you. In the course of his professional life this gentleman met another lady. Let’s call her the corporate lady. What’s the connection between the John the Baptist lady and the corporate lady, you ask? I’ll tell you soon, be patient!

Because this gentleman was well placed in the corporate world and quite knowledgeable he could advice the corporate lady. And he did just that, doing good as usual, helping her with her work as well as career choices. He didn’t ask to date her, or to sleep with her. No propositions. He just did good! And this intrigued the corporate lady. She’s a very beautiful woman by the way. She was used to men doing what men do when they meet beautiful ladies. Only this gentleman was different. He never asked for anything in return for the good he did, never expected anything. The worth of a life is the quantum of good we do to others, the value we add, the blessing we are. That’s his belief.

Well, it would turn out that the beautiful corporate lady was going through a divorce herself. Sometimes beautiful people end up in bad marriages, marrying wrong partners. This lady was a loving and kind woman, but life had dealt her a wrong choice of partner. She became intrigued with this man who did good and expected nothing in return, who treated goodness as sacred. He treated her with respect, unlike many men she’d met. He related to her as a person not as a sex object. In the course of time they became friends. And in the course of time became engaged. And in the course of time married. And what a wonderful marriage they have – so full of love and affection. They dote on each other. These are two good people who appreciate love and affection, and have both endured trauma in past relationships. So they value what they have. Because they’ve known the opposite of what they have. Sometimes those who appreciate marriage the most are those who have lost one.

You wanted to know the connection between the corporate lady and the John the Baptist lady? Well, well, well… It would turn out that they were sisters! The gentleman never knew! And that became a lesson of life. He believes that in doing good to the John the Baptist lady, he sowed a seed forward… He believes that his goodness led him into her family, to her wonderful sister who became his bride. What if he had done evil to the John the Baptist lady, or treated her with pride and contempt! Surely she would have had a thing or two to say about him to her beautiful sister! This is something YOU need to ruminate on. We never know the import of the stranger we’re relating to in life. If he had done evil to the John the Baptist lady, he stood no chance of marrying her beautiful and wonderful sister. Effectively therefore, he would have blocked access to all the love and devotion he now enjoys. He would have blocked access to his future and his happiness.

So here’s the moral from this story: Be not forgetful to do good to strangers for whereby some have entertained their wives and in-laws unawares! Men have always entertained angels unawares, including angelic wives. And so I tell you to do good to everyone. Be polite to people, be respectful – treat others as you’d like to be treated. Do good to everyone. Don’t look down on anyone. Who knows what life holds in store? The young man or young woman you treat with contempt may just be in a position to determine your destiny tomorrow. And the young lady you assault today may just be the sister to the woman you want to marry tomorrow. Those who do good reap goodness. Life treats goodness as a seed. You’re paying your way forward. Life has its own accounting principles. And the ledgers of life always balance, though it sometimes takes generations. Be a good man!

You mentor, LA

Tags : Gentleman, Gossip

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