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To The Original Jack

This week’s #Letr2Jack is Mrs Alder’s response to Leke Alder’s Val letter.

My darling husband,

I still haven’t gotten over that powerful letter you wrote me this morning; it is indeed my best valentine gift yet! Thank you for loving me so deeply, so sincerely. I am really not sure I am that fantastic (well, maybe a little, lol) but in your eyes that’s who I am and that’s enough for me.You make me feel like I am the best thing that ever happened on planet earth, like I am the most beautiful woman in the world and sometimes I feel a little undeserving of such deep love and admiration.

I don’t have your oratory skills – you have a way with words that’s obviously a gift from God and I have not quite met anyone that is so skilful at expressing himself like you; but I will try in my own way in the next couple of paragraphs to just simply tell you how I feel about you.

You made a lasting impression on me from the very first time I met you. I was representing my company in that meeting and after we discussed the business of the day, you engaged me in discussions about life in general and I found it so easy to talk to you. I am not much of a talker as you know so till today, I am still wondering how you were able to engage me in discussion for over five hours! Only you could have done that.

And as I left your office that day, what made the most impression on me was that it was all pure and sincere discourse. I never for a moment got the feeling that you were trying to hit on me. In fact, knowing what I know about you now, you probably didn’t even notice my physical appearance. You only saw the real me. This was a first for me as from puberty till that time, I couldn’t remember ever meeting a man one on one who didn’t have other things in mind…

My life was never really the same after that. We developed a great friendship over the years. I was not in a very good place in my life at the time but you taught me to hold my head high and to value myself. Being in the same profession, you groomed me and helped me succeed at my work.

And so our friendship began – true friendship without any romantic notions. In fact, it would be several years down the line before that part of our relationship developed. In those earlier years, neither of us ever dreamed we would end up as husband and wife.

The more I got to know you, the more I admired and respected you, your values. Anyone that’s met you knows how principled you are. You stand out amongst men in this generation. You are a rare breed, one of a kind. You are real man – the way God intended men to be, not all these ‘males’ around that think they are men.

When our friendship eventually evolved into something deeper and you proposed to me, saying yes was very easy, and not because you flew me all the way to Venice just to ask me to marry you but because of who you are as a person.

You are so generous, I have learnt a few lessons on generosity from you. I remember one day when we were still just friends, we were driving down in your car when you noticed a grown man probably in his fifties walking down the street holding what seemed to be a broken mirror sobbing quietly as he walked. You stopped your car beside him and asked him why he was crying. Turned out he had been contracted to supply someone the mirror, but by some accident it had broken in two just as he was going to deliver it to the person. So he had totally lost out, as the person was obviously not going to pay for a broken mirror. You promptly brought out your wallet and gave him everything you had in there. I was deeply touched.

I have watched as you are ever so willing to be a blessing to people, a lot of times at the cost of your own comfort. You have taught me and countless of others, the love and compassion of Christ, never condemning anyone.

You treat me like a queen; the countless bouquets of roses sent to my office on valentine, my birthdays and sometimes for no reason, the numerous gifts I receive from you have made me the envy amongst my peers. I must confess, you have spoilt me. I am truly blest amongst women!

So my darling husband, my one and only true love, the original Jack, as we celebrate our love this valentine I want you to know how much I love you.

You mean the world to me and like that famous song goes – all of me loves all of you.

After my salvation, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and after God you are the most important person in my life. I am honoured and proud to be your wife and I will do it all over again with you.

I love you forever.

© Leke Alder |

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