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Black Magic

Dear Jack, this may be politically incorrect, but you better run from that marriage if your wife is dabbling in black magic. Your wife dabbling in black magic can’t bode well. You think those spiritual consultants are advising her on fashion? You’d long suspected. What with all the strange substances are turning up in your home. But now you have proof. And the nature of proof you have points to an escalation. And she’s admitted. You can’t live with a diabolical woman. It’s not called black magic for nothing. And just in case you want to fool yourself, love and diabolism don’t go together. Someone can’t claim to love you and yet seek to rob you of capacity to make independent judgment through magic. Why would anyone seek to coerce love out of you through black magic if not with evil intent? Black magic is certainly not a natural way to get someone to love you, or to make someone affectionately disposed. She’s been lacing your food with all sorts of substances. Health-wise it’s a miracle you’re still alive. And she’s either going to turn you into total dummy, or she’s going to kill you some day. Evil can never portend good. The notion of so-called white magic is a deceitful contradiction.

Now, if after this knowledge you still choose to be foolish you bear responsibility for whatever happens to you. Your wife, in conjunction with extant forces is working actively to take control of your faculties through voodoo. Now if you choose to fool yourself she loves you that’s your decision. But black magic cannot be love. The real problem with her consultation of voodoo technicians is the shattering of trust in the home. How are you ever going to trust a woman who takes your body fluids to a spiritualist? How are you going to trust a woman who brings funny voodoo substances into the home! Even your soap is suspect. As is whatever present she buys you. These things are used for what is called “point of contact.” Points of contact are used for spiritual transference of energy in voodoo magic. Even the sex is laced. Your sperm is a material particular as it is. And like you said you’ve been doing crazy stuff of late. Inexplicable stuff. You’ve been dolling out money to her insanely, paying obeisance to unreasonable demands… These are symptomatic. You risk being poisoned by this woman. These things can be zero sum games. And we don’t know if part of the end game is to strip you of your assets…render you penniless. You may actually end up in an asylum if care is not taken. You’re being stripped of your senses as it were. She’s under influence herself, though she doesn’t realize it. She thinks she’s in control. How can a human seeking Satan’s help ever think he or she can be in control? How can you control Satan? She doesn’t realize she’s made herself Satan’s handmaiden. She’s subject to his whims. He can turn her on or off. And that’s my worry. If an order comes for your termination you’re gone!

It’s that external control you need to fear. And she already has a human controller – the spiritualist. She has no knowledge of the constituent elements of those concoctions put together by the spiritualist. These are people dedicated to evil, and your wife has made a league with them. They’re on retainer to destroy you with the money you constantly supply your wife. They’ll bleed you dry. The voodoo priest himself is subject to the control of some personages called Rulers of Darkness. They’re actually the ones he’s been consulting with on your marriage. Rulers of Darkness create domestic and personal trauma. They’re responsible for misery in marriage. I’m just trying to help you see that the chain of command goes higher than you think. Your wife is under a controller who’s under a controller, who’s under a controller, the ultimately controller being Satan. In other words, the people deciding your fate are so removed from you, you have no idea! Your wife is nothing but a channel of diabolism crafted against you. You better run for your life! If you don’t run for your life incalculable damage will be done. These are wicked beings. You won’t survive. Of course if you have a spare life you can be experimenting with foolishness. But you have only one life. Once she takes complete control of your faculty you’re gone. Your sense of awareness is compromised. They will threaten your business as well. The program is total destruction. You’re already feeling the effects. That’s the work of the Rulers of Darkness. They’re in charge of estoppel as well. They’re the ones terminating your contracts. And they can choose to overwhelm you with depression so you can’t function. You don’t know whom you’re dealing with! It’s not going to end well if you don’t take authority over your circumstances. At least remove yourself from direct exposure to energy influences. And you better do an audit of every gift she’s given you; and forget the sex, and food. They’re channels. You’re in a serious trouble. The kinds of help she has enlisted are not people to mess around with. And they’ll continue to trouble you. They won’t leave you alone. They’ve found an inroad into your home.

Your weakest point in marriage is your spouse. If your spouse is compromised by the enemy, you’re in trouble. This woman will keep lying to you, and swear she’s stopped. But the tendency is always pathological with these things. The personages up her chain of command are pathological liars. The use of deceit is basic to them. Her controllers have no moral core. And so you waste your time thinking you can appeal to something good in her. If you think you can appeal to her sense of morality you’re naïve. You can’t afford to be naïve in life. I pray I don’t read about your sudden death in the papers, or your total penury. Take this stuff seriously.

Your mentor, LA

© Leke Alder |

Tags : Black Magic

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