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What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

My dear Jack, you have to note there are a lot of distractions in life. Life’s distractions are so many, some seemingly innocuous but they will derail you from your course. You need focus as a young man. You’ve got to know what you want, the kind of life you want. And then you have to work assiduously to accomplish your goals and dreams. You must learn to face the day with purposefulness, to attack each day with mental strength. There are so many discouragements out there, so much so you can wake up discouraged and fearful. If you don’t mind your thoughts you’ll find yourself meditating on discouragement every morning. The essence of discouragement is immobilization. Discouragement paralyzes. It’s why you need to move forward in any way you can when you’re down. That requires mental strength. It’s very easy to give up in life. Don’t ever! Don’t let discouragement bully you. You’ve got to look discouragement in the face and stare it down. You must face your day with tenacity.

There’s no easy success in life. What we term success many times is the culmination of a very arduous journey. So arduous is the ascent of life that many give up on the steep incline. It’s only those who persevere who make it to the mountaintop. You’ve got to persevere. But perseverance makes no sense when there’s no goal in mind or target in view. Without a goal in life the trials of life will take on the hue of suffering. But if you’re going somewhere, the challenges you face become translated as the price of success. You may not be able to spell out your goal with exactitude but at least have an idea of what you want. You can’t be an aimless young man doing the social round with no goal or purpose or target in view. You must be going somewhere. If you’re going everywhere you’re going nowhere. And you don’t waste the dawn of your life. Don’t waste the morning of your life! It’s in the morning of your life that you lay the foundation for your future. You can’t afford to be lazy, wasting your opportunities. And those opportunities will not always be open. It’s the nature of life. Opportunities are not perpetually open or available. And you don’t know when the next will come.

Everyone has opportunities in life. it’s what Solomon meant when he said time and chance happen to all. You have to have dedicated pursuit. Such mental state can increase your matrimonial eligibility as a man. No matter how much she loves you, if you don’t have a vision the reality of life will catch up with that love. Without a vision or focus in life, life will force your woman to re-examine her love for you. Make use of your day. It’s not just a graphic marker on a calendar it’s the subtraction of your life. Life doesn’t add days to our lives. Life subtracts our lives daily. We all have an allocated time in this life. Make your life count each day. When you maximize the opportunities given you by life you multiply your potential for success. Stop loafing around visiting your friends at work. You should likewise be doing something worthwhile. Social gatherings are watering holes for bantering and boastful young men. Most times there’s no substance to the boasts. Without substance all the banter and boastfulness amount to nothing. You must have a vision – of how you want your life to turn out, have a vision of accomplishment. We don’t always know how we’re going to fulfil a dream or vision, but desire points the way. There’s nothing as sad as a young man wasting his morning away. When a young man has wasted his morning away his friends will steer away from him in the afternoon of life. Those who waste their morning away find themselves lagging in the afternoon of life. Life conducts its own census. It’s awful to exist without being counted or numbered. It’s awful when life refuses to reckon with you. Then you feel helpless and hopeless. It’s why you strive in life.

Every young man has wishes… But not every young man is willing to work for his wishes. You will pay a price for success. There’s no success without a price. If there’s success without a price life will have to answer charges of rewarding laziness. No matter how easy success looks there’s no easy success. Refuse to be fooled. You’ve got to work hard to succeed. And you work to succeed every day. Even Bill Gates is still working. And so is Dangote. What else would they be doing?! Success needs maintenance. There’s only so much a woman can believe about your drive and ambition without proof of pursuit. At some point your girlfriend will be forced to verify your claims of desire to succeed. There comes that moment when she either continues to fool herself about your potential or forced to re-examine facts. So what do you want to do with your life? That’s a question life will force you to answer by the way you live. A wise young man does introspection He meditates on life. Solomon says it’s better to go to the house of mourning than to go to a party. Think on that. When you while your morning away your evening will be full of regret. Make the most of your life. You only have this one life. Make it count.

Your mentor, LA

© Leke Alder |

Tags : Life Plan, Vision

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