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Keeping Up With The Joneses?

My dear Jack, you’re going to hurt yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses. You’ve got to know your limitations in life, know the lifestyle you can afford and what you can’t afford. Don’t go and join a club you can’t afford for example. It’s not just about annual subscription, there’s a lifestyle attached. If you can’t afford a boat why join a boat club? It’s a minimum requirement not so? It’s not enough to buy the boat, you must also buy the lifestyle. There are administrative expenses attached to owning a boat. There’s parking fee and maintenance fee. You’re a young entrepreneur. Every penny you spend you have to make it by yourself. You can’t spend what’s not in the bank. The boat bill of a multinational corporation CEO is borne by the company. It’s part of the package. But you don’t have such a package. It’s why you can’t compare yourself to such people. And everyone at the boat club can tell you’re struggling to pay those club subscriptions. I mean how are you going to keep up the $50,000 subscription every year? Your business needs the money. It’s an annual subscription. How will you afford it? How are you going to sustain it?

A certain lifestyle goes with those types of subscriptions, and I can see you’re trying to date a certain lady. Only you can’t afford her. I’d say think before you lunge, she’s expensive! Well known in certain circles. She’ll drain you. If you’re not making money above your burn rate you’re going to end up bankrupt. If your burn rate is higher than your earning you’re not going to have anything left. You’ll be in debt. Lest you lose your head tighten the screws. Like they say, examine your head. I see you’re trying to bask in the aura of the big boys. But the cost is too high for you. It’s a heavy cost. If you can’t afford designer suits, Aston Martin, why cast yourself as James Bond? You’ll have 007 in your bank account! Be patient. With continual diligence you’ll get there. You’re on the way. But if you rush the future, you may create a false future. To impress who? Go at your pace. And there’s a time for everything. It’s why you need to pace yourself, to go surefooted.
This babe you’re trying to date…you clearly can’t afford her. Unless you want to end up crooked. Those richer than you attempted the feat and bowed out. She’s exotically expensive. How are you going to afford her travels? She travels first class, always. You just upgraded to business class. The sad thing is, she’s toying with you, playing you, can’t you see! You’re trying so hard. She knows you can’t afford her, but if you’re willing to blow your money what’s her problem! She’s using the lure of promises you’ll never receive, and if you do receive them the price will be too high.
In trying to impress this expensive lady you’re doing crazy. You’ve even ditched your affordable girlfriend. Right now the poor girl is a wreck. She can’t believe what’s happening to you. You used to be normal. You made a little money and you lose your head? Even God seems to be looking for it. After this your new paramour has wrecked you, she’ll leave you for another foolish spender. This is not a relationship you’re pursuing it’s a finance project. You have a woman who believes in you… she stuck by you in the days of nothing… But you’ve suddenly become a big boy now. You’re heady with all sorts of ideas and imagination. It’s the power rush thing. It afflicts young men come into money. Be careful. There are many young men who have been bankrupted trying to keep up with the Ka…sorry, Joneses. And your girlfriend told me you’ve begun dipping into your clients’ monies. Want to be disbarred? Of course you’re hoping to keep earning at this level, at the same rate. But business isn’t always constant.
And what happens if there arises a new king in Egypt who knew not Joseph? What are you going to do? By that time you’ll have blown all your money on this lady’s conspicuous consumption. How come you’re spending money like you didn’t earn it? Isn’t that proof you’re under a self-induced spell? A “high-class babe” is a great spender of other people’s money. Sometimes money exposes what we truly are, whom we are distinct from what we thought of ourselves. If you lose your head after making money it shows your erstwhile restraint was lack-induced. At the rate you’re spending money you’d soon run out of money. And you’ve read about this before. The famous parable of the prodigal son can strangely mirror life. It’s for young men come into money. This is stupid macho stuff you’re doing trying to impress this lady. In the scheme of things you’re a small fry.
Sit down and catch up with yourself. Cut back. Stop picking this lady’s calls. It’s the only way to get yourself back. May seem brutal at first but if you don’t cut off, your lust won’t stop. Go back to your longsuffering girlfriend. She has your interest at heart. She’s totally invested. She’ll make you a good wife. She’s caring and considerate. And she loves you. But this other lady…she doesn’t care one hoot about you; just your money. The day you run out of money she’s running out of your life. Faster than Usain Bolt! This is reckless endangerment of money you’re pursuing. It’s a matter of time before you lose more than you can afford. If you earn it the hard way you don’t blow it anyhow. Unless you’re a fool. That’s all I’ve got to say!
Your mentor, LA.
© Leke Alder |
Tags : Dating, finance

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