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Something To Think About

Dear Jack, thank you for the present you sent over the hols. I’m most appreciative. Thank you. Just returned from vac. Well, it’s another year. We grow older each and every year. May we grow in wisdom! If there’s nothing you pray for this year it’s wisdom. This year will require wisdom. Every time you take a decision, ask yourself if it accords with wisdom and sound judgment. That interrogation should help you in your decision-making. It will also help you in your evaluation of situations. If it doesn’t accord with wisdom and good judgment, you ought to refrain from it.

Be careful about peer pressure though. Develop a mind of your own. Don’t be afraid to stand alone. In wanting to belong don’t do things that violate your conscience. (In practical terms it distorts clarity). If you follow that path you’ll land in trouble, do things you shouldn’t do, get into things you can’t handle. Be your pedigree. That means be careful about your personal history. Face the year with strength and determination. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose your focus. If you derailed last year get back on track. All you require is a qualitative decision.

The ability to self-examine, self-analyze and self-correct is critical to life. We all miss the mark one way or another, at one point or the other. Sometimes we’re willfully self-destructive. And sometimes we’re locked into self-destructive traits of behavior. You MUST break the chain. The way to break that chain is to first make a determination. Then block visual stimulants. There’s always an entry point to those things which doth easily beset us, the things that weigh us down. You’ll need to deny yourself of the visual and stimulative diet that is manifestly unhealthy. Anything that violates your conscience will weigh you down, unless you sear your conscience. When you make the determination to break off a ruinous habit, you’ll feel a freshness and a sense of purpose. It doesn’t mean the temptation won’t rear its ugly head again and again. But your determination counts. It’s the quality of that determination that keeps you out of trouble. It’s what makes you shut the door on ruinous liaisons. Avoid the things that set you back. Your life can’t be a recurrent decimal of mistakes and ruinous habits. Pull the handbrake.

All I’m saying is you need discipline this year. You need to focus. If it’s not worth it it’s not worth it. If you take my advice you’ll feel a definitiveness in you – you’ll feel a determination in you. Focus on your relationship as well. When you’re that focused there’ll be a healthiness to your relationship. Just keep going and just keep going. See yourself as a boxer determined to get to the last round. Learn to bob and weave around the punches life throws. Be anticipatory. Even if you take a few blows keep going. Don’t give up. It’s an easy recourse when things overwhelm us. But if you’re determined to just keep going and going you’ll pull through. You’ll overwhelm life. No matter how tough it is, don’t lose your inner strength. If you do, ask for the help of Omnipotence.

I can’t emphasize this enough but you’ll need determination this year. List your goals. They need not be highfalutin – make a list of things you’ll like to accomplish this year. You don’t lose anything dreaming. And you don’t lose anything believing your dream will come to pass. The other word for believing your dream will come to pass is faith. You need faith in life. Faith requires you act as if the dream has come to pass – it requires positivism in the face of odds. Summon that inner strength. Don’t let life overwhelm you. Don’t succumb to life. You’re stronger than you know. What you term adversity is a strength excavator.

Avoid carelessness this year. It’s highly unnecessary. Focus. It all starts in your thought. That’s where discipline starts from. You’ll need to break certain patterns of behavior to regain control of yourself. If you find yourself drifting, arrest yourself. (Sometimes we need to give ourselves the equivalence of a slap). Don’t succumb to inferior and cheap propositions. Avoid ephemera. You’ve got to believe you were made for much greater stuff – that your life is supposed to amount to much. It’s why you need to focus. Focus is the ability to lock in on the vision inside of you.

You also need self-belief. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t second-guess your dream. Keep going. Most times we give up when our accomplishment was just around the corner! But you’ll never know unless you keep going, and keep pursuing your dream, keep refocusing. If the vision goes out of alignment re-adjust your lens like a photographer. Once you lock in on a vision, determination will come. Your will is very important. It’s going to be a great year, a year of accomplishments. You’ve got to believe that, hold on to that dream. If you don’t believe in yourself you make that task difficult for others. Develop self-confidence. Base it on the stuff inside of you – that dream, determination and faith. Faith is like a propellant. You move according to your faith.

In summary, focus, be disciplined, be determined, have a goal. Exercise faith. And never give up! We’ll talk again after I’ve settled in. I wish you the best this year.

Your mentor, LA

© Leke Alder |


Tags : Focus, Determination, Discipline

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