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Dont Take Your Life

My dear Jack, life is tough. It’s the nature of life and only religion has an explanation. Life is brutal in places, rough in places, tough in places, hard in places. It’s populated by savages with primal instinct. And life can seem unfair. Good people don’t always come out on top. Good does not always triumph. Evil people prosper. We’ve had that equation since the days of Cain and Abel. The evil man even asked for immunity. Just as it is now.

The problem many times is that we imagine life is supposed to be easy. And so there’s our expectation of life and what life actually is. It’s why we feel disappointed when our reality and experience run contrary. We have false expectations about life. Expectations in themselves are not bad. It’s what we call hope. But we can only hope for easier life, not easy life. You have to come to grips with the nature of life. It’s brutal, horrid in places, rough and jagged. There’s such a thing as the banality of evil. Evil is quotidian. When our expectations don’t match our experience, we get into disappointment. When we look into the horizon and there seems no way out, we can get to that point you are in now. You’re contemplating suicide. You shouldn’t be. It’s an extremity, a grave extremity. Please don’t do it. The impossible situation today may just ease tomorrow. There are so many spare parts moving in life, there are a zillion possible outcomes. Life is unpredictable. You don’t know how tomorrow will turn out. You may just catch your lucky break tomorrow. Please don’t take your life. No one knows what’s in the womb of time.

As it is you’re depressed. You shouldn’t be taking critical decisions in a depressed state. You’re burdened down by life. You’re not thinking clear. Things are foggy. You can’t take a decision on your life in this state. Please don’t do it. Don’t take your life. Life is full of ups and downs. And that’s not always a negative thing. It also means if you’re down today you can be up tomorrow. I call this the arcadian rhythm of life. That’s partly because the ebbs and flows are so natural. There’s no human without ups and downs. Everybody has ups and downs. Until someone opens up you really don’t know what they’re going through. And in a society where confidences are not shared, we’re all proverbial lizards hugging the floor with belly full of ache. There are people with similar problems like yours. You just don’t know. There will always be. There’s no test that comes your way beyond the course of what others have had to endure. The tests and trials in your life are no different from what others experience. You just don’t know. You’re not alone. You’re not the only one with this problem. Reality many times does not accord with our perception of reality. That person you imagine is having it easy may just be going through the most horrendous trial. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor you’re going to have trials in life. Please don’t take your life. Tomorrow will be better. God will never let you be pushed beyond your limit. He’ll always be there to help you. You-have-to-trust-Him.

There are many people who have contemplated suicide whose lives are testimonials today. Some of the people you adore are people who would have taken their lives. They didn’t. It’s why you can adore them. Just the fact they chose to live for another day changed their circumstances. Live for another day. Today may be full of sorrows but there’s the promise of tomorrow. Don’t do it. Don’t take your life. Sometimes, all we need do is talk to someone, share those issues with someone. Life can feel so dreary when there’s no one to share our burdens with. It’s why we share even if we don’t want to. It can’t get darker than it already is. Give life a chance. Even if it does get darker still give life a chance. The present may be full of discouragement but as long as there’s life there’s hope. Don’t take your life. That would be a horrible and painful waste. One day you’ll look back and remember you almost took your life. And you’ll thank God you never did. Just hang in there. Hold on tight.

The weather is going to change, for the better. After the storm comes the shine. You’ve experienced the storm. All you can ever expect now is sunshine. Don’t be absent. Don’t take your life. You’ve suffered this long. You’ve endured this far. Why go through all the suffering if you’re going to take your life. Just hold on. You’ll see that things will turn. Things eventually turn if we hold on long enough. There’s so much promise in your life. Don’t let the vicissitudes of life snuff it out. I’m appealing to you, please don’t take your life. I’ve spoken to some counsellors and they’re willing to listen to you, willing to talk things over with you. I want you to go to and book a free confidential phone therapy. You’ve experienced yesterday. Be alive to experience tomorrow. Don’t commit suicide. Please write me again. Let me know how you’re doing. You’re not bothering me. Don’t take your life.

Your mentor, LA

© Leke Alder |

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Today may be full of sorrows but there’s the promise of tomorrow. Don’t do it. Don’t take your life. Click To Tweet There’s no test that comes your way beyond the course of what others have had to endure. Click To Tweet
Tags : Courage, Peace, Hope, Patience, Depression, Endure, Suicide

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