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Last Thoughts

My dear Jack, I present a few lessons from my letters to you in 2017. I hope you take them to heart as you enter the new year. Here they are:

  1. Trust is very important in a relationship.
  2. Without trust there’s no security in a relationship; only fears and suspicion.
  3. Without trust there’s exposure to a massive possibility of pain and disappointment in a relationship.
  4. Don’t trivialise a good relationship. You may end up appreciating it in regret.
  5. Good relationships don’t have parts you buy off the shelf.
  6. When a woman is a major thing in a man’s life but he fails or refuses to realise it, he’s trivialising the gift of grace.
  7. Your woman knows you love her but she wants you to say it every day. She needs it. It’s affirming security.
  8. Take your time and choose the right person for you. There’s no prize for hasty decisions on marriage.
  9. As much as we’re attracted to the looks of women, we ought to pay more attention to the heart.
  10. The quality of heart matters in a relationship. Go for a good heart.
  11. You should marry your friend, your true friend. You’ll know by her commitment to you. It’ll be selfless.
  12. Pray for the love of a good woman. I mean true love. That love is all the difference. May you be so lucky.
  13. The quality of a marriage guaranties its longevity. If a marriage is good it will last.
  14. Seek harmony in your marriage. Seek partnership.
  15. Oneness is a dynamic journey. There are changes life will mandate. When that happens, adjust.
  16. Marriage is about cooperation. Marriage is a cooperative society.
  17. Don’t buy into the philosophy of marriage as pain and difficulty. There are many, many wonderful marriages.
  18. Don’t let seeds of destruction be planted in your marriage. Gossips plant and water such seeds.
  19. You won’t do well without marital peace as a man. Men don’t do well without peace. Your health will suffer.
  20. Sometimes we win certain fights by not fighting. Let it go.
  21. Understanding is key in marriage and understanding entails study, love and acceptance.
  22. Commitment is the beginning of marital wisdom.
  23. When both of you are committed to the idea of a good marriage then you’re on the same page.
  24. Be humble in marriage. No one is always right. No one knows it all. Marriage is a learning curve.
  25. Work on deepening friendship and commitment in your marriage.
  26. Marriage is considering the needs of the other party, being sensitive to those needs.
  27. Be a giving husband. Be a loving spouse. Let your wife feel safe in your love.
  28. Love constrains us, love restrains us, love encourages us, love requires courage.
  29. Don’t be threatened by your wife’s pay. She’s your blessing.
  30. Seek the support of your wife in all your endeavour. Seek her advice.
  31. You can’t remain on the same economic and social spot. It will affect your marriage. Strive to go higher.
  32. Be diligent at your work. This will bring you respect from your family.
  33. You have to strive for excellence. Mediocrity is unhealthy for the soul. It reduces quality of life.
  34. Life is full of ups and downs. And that’s not always a negative thing.
  35. There’s so much promise in your life. Don’t let the vicissitudes of life snuff it out.
  36. Don’t let your ego get in the way of common sense.
  37. You can’t be poor and proud. That’s double tragedy.
  38. Before the job you hope for eventually comes, you’ve got to get your hands dirty. You’ve got to be a man. Do something.
  39. Pursue groundedness, not the fad of the moment. Fads come and go but nobility and virtue abide.

Your mentor, LA

Tags : Genuine love, Choosing a partner, love in marriage, Conflict resolution, Love of a woman

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