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LA Partners Programme

Introducing the LA Partners Programme

In 2013, Mr. Leke Alder began a series of advisory tweets to his mentees – men and women who follow him on social media and want to be mentored by him.

Those tweets metamorphosed into the Jack & Jil social media initiative and the #Letr2Jack & #Letr2Jil letter series focused on wholesome relationships.

Jack & Jil is currently active on the following platforms:

Website: | Twitter: and | Facebook:

Jack & Jil has grown significantly and some stats as at July 2015 are as follows:

  • 9,000 subscribers on
  • 14,000 followers on
  • 72,000 Twitter followers on @LekeAlder and 6,000 on @JacknJilLive
  • 2,000 email counselling requests dealt with
  • Total reach: 3,897,540
  • Total impressions: 29,000,000
  • Currently accessed in 89 countries

The positive feedback from readers of Jack & Jil has been overwhelming. The emails have also been heartbreaking – cases of sexual abuse, domestic trauma, hopelessness and planned suicides! So many need help. Therefore, the scope of Jack & Jil is expanding.

These are some of our new initiatives:

  • A mobile app is currently in the works.
  • We will like to hire operations and social media interns.
  • We will like to do more live events such as Moving On – a special programme for the hurting. (Two editions have held already).
  • We will like to amplify the reach of Jack & Jil online.
  • We are putting together a team of volunteer counselors & therapists.

To support our new initiatives, kindly fill the form here and we will get in touch.

Thank you.