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The Powers Of A Woman

Dear Jack,

Today I’m going to let you in on the powers of a woman. Men are generally illiterate about these powers.

The average man thinks a woman’s sole power is a sexual iteration – “bottom power” as some crudely say. Yet a little bit of introspection would reveal the amplitude and magnitude of these powers.

How powerful is the woman? Well, John the Baptist was beheaded on the orders of a woman. Helen of Troy started a war. King Edward of England abdicated his throne for a divorcee. Joan of Arc led men to war and death. The death of Samson was facilitated by Delilah. And Prophet Isaiah took off in mortal fear of Jezebel.

There are four native powers of a woman. The first is the power of subliminal suasion. The second is the power of intuition. The third is the power of simple faith. The fourth is the power of her sexuality.

A woman has persuasive power and the power is subliminal. It operates on the subconscious level. Think of your mum, your girlfriend, that woman you helped – the one with the flat tyre. You volunteered without being asked. A woman somehow has the power to send signals to our subconscious, to make us do things.

It’s so subtle it’s unnoticeable, yet it’s there! We see the effect. A woman uses secret pulses. Coyness is instruction mode. One look of helplessness and men are scrambling. One fallen sleeve off the shoulder and a man becomes an engorged bull. One cooking incidence and a man extrapolates matrimonial bliss. One expression of sartorial glee and a man whips out his cheque book. One look of sadness and a man seeks to please. One declaration of love and two nations go to war. One suggestive dance and a prophet’s head is hacked off. One offer of forbidden fruit and Adam becomes rebellious! POWER!

Subliminal suasion is an intelligent control system. It operates by taking control of the operating system of a host. It then uses the energy of that host to accomplish spoken and unspoken desires, especially suggestions.

Women who nag don’t appreciate their own power. Nagging is supraliminal enforcement of commands. Very counter productive.

The second power of a woman is knowledge based – intuitive power. Somehow a woman knows! She has sensory capacity – “feelings” for unseen realities. That “feeling” is intelligence of a different kind. A woman can sense things not apparent to reason. Men rationalise. Women intuit. Rationalisation is a tortured sequence. Intuition is a leap of grace.

The third power of a woman is the power of simple faith. It’s an incredible power because it has capacity to overwrite reason. It’s for this that a woman is susceptible to deceit. She has the self-capacity to suppress her intuition through faith. But when simple faith meets integrity in a man it unleashes an integer of possibilities. It is simple faith that creates that incredible loyalty of women. It manufactures commitment. It is simple faith that makes a woman so determined. A woman puts in her all! It’s her religion. It is simple faith that makes a woman hope against hope. It’s also why some women over-reach. Motherly nurture is a dimension of simple faith. A woman simply believes in her baby! And her patience is faith in manifestation. Faith works with patience. Now you see why a woman can wait on a man.

The fourth power of a woman is the familiar power of attraction. Her sexuality operates in this context. But she also has a glory. Indeed she’s a glory according to scriptures. It’s why she attracts attention. Her glory makes her a subject of admiration, even veneration. A woman was created to be admired. It’s God’s design. And now you know why women love fashion. It’s a glory technology. No matter how well dressed a man is, he will always pale in glory to a woman.

Learn how to harnesses the powers of your woman. (A woman is a knowledge project). Those powers are your resources. Her powers of suasion, intuition, simple faith and attraction are tools of attainment and purpose. Conceptually, a woman is a custom built biological enabler of dreams, visions, purposes and attainments. She’s described as a helper in the Bible. It’s a ministerial appointment. And the reason men feel lonely without a woman is because she’s the designate companion. The shape of a man’s loneliness is a woman.

I’ll stop here for today. We’ll talk some more next week.

Your mentor, LA.


©Leke Alder 2013




Tags : Attraction, Sexuality

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