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Surround Sound

Dear Jack, you’re a victim of surround sound technology! You may not realise this but some babes are sound engineers. They know how to engineer surround sound. What is “surround sound”? It’s the surrounding of a man with incessant phone calls and the constant sound of text messaging. When you wake up in the morning there’s a loving text waiting for you. When you go to bed at night there’s a text ushering you to sleep. She’s the first person you talk to in the morning (even before God), she’s the last person you talk to at night. She’s your MTN advert personification: Everywhere you go! Darling, Sweetheart, Love, Baby, Sugar, Honey… She gat you! Even if she calls you meat pie you’ll still be happy! Her words are mashing up your brain. Your body tingles in anticipation of those phonic expressions of endearment! “How was your night darling?” “Was the pillow ok sweetheart?” “Have you eaten honey?” “Baby what will you wear for me today?” “Sweety,” [pronounced “sweedy”] “was the ride to the office okay?” “Honey, do you want me to cook for you?”

Solomon says kindness breeds attractiveness. By the time you combine her care with the tonal quality of her mellifluous voice you’re finished! It’s true words mean a lot to women. But it’s even truer for men! And not just the very words but tonality too. In the early days her voice on the phone painted a wonderful “picture” of her in your imagination. Remember? You hadn’t met her. By the time you finally met her you’d been so anesthetized the reality differential didn’t matter. She looks different from what she sounded like on the phone! (Tonal media distorts visual realism. Virtual media do too). Her voice tone created an amniotic sac around your brain processors; reality became distorted. Water mirror parallax. Somehow she comes across as “Beautiful!” to you though many will remove the exclamation mark from your assessment. Love and lust create impairment of judgment and as long as men love and lust they’re prone to distortion of reality. And when our gaze is lasered on a distorted allure of a reality engineered by surround sound we won’t see the obvious.

I once knew a man who never realised how beautiful his woman is. He never saw it. He couldn’t see it. Sometimes in life we can’t see the obvious! And sometimes who we think loves us is the product of surround sound engineering by an interested party. There are those who specialise in the synthetic manipulation of proximity to produce a fake realism of affection. A friend of mine was the victim of a brilliantly camouflaged agenda. He was manipulated with “care”. The lady began to define his needs to him as her own qualities, surrounded him on all sides, kept programming him. #She beefed up the quality of her qualities. Her words overcame perception of terrible deficiencies. But manipulation has limits. It always backfires. There’s a limit to which you can manipulate power.

This raises a number of issues about our perception of life and people. There are three types of perception: What we see with our eyes; what we see with our mind; what we desire to see. Our eyes, our minds, our passions see different realities. What we “see” with our mind is greatly influenced by what we hear. It’s the principle of faith. Faith comes by hearing. Surround sounds creates what I term “faith realities”.  Because faith is the evidence of things not seen you’ll see what is not there. “Faith reality”.  In other words, what we hear is so powerful it can paint a picture that overwrites what we actually see. How about what we “see” through the prism of passions, lusts and desires… Does faith have a bearing on that as well? Certainly!

Faith is the substance of THINGS HOPED FOR. You’ll “see” what you hope for not reality! Our lusts and desires make us see what we desire in someone not what is actually there! If the “faith reality” generated by this lady is strong enough she’ll succeed in marrying you. That’s the simple truth! It’s why some marriages are inexplicable- and how some men end up marrying obviously manipulative women. You can see that despite our commonly held belief the principle of faith applies to even boyfriend/girlfriend circumstances. That’s because faith is meant to be normative. But we’ve turned it into a special circumstance religious exercise. In simplism faith is a possibility technology. Everything deemed impossible is achievable through faith. Master faith. Might even help you date that lady you don’t want to talk about. (Wink!) I know your friends said forget it! When a young man is persistent in the pursuit of a girl he’s trying to leverage the Principle of Importunity in the Bible.

The Principle of Importunity operates on the wearing down of opposition through sheer persistence. Cf. Luke 11:5-10 NLT And the lady goes from “NO!” to “No” to “You know…” to “May be” to “Yes!” There are of course other dimensions of faith but I’m showing the practical application of faith to your love life. Faith can move mountains, including the mountain of objection to matrimonial pursuit! However, never confuse the mechanics of faith enunciated in scriptures with the mind over matter teachings of New Age. You’ve got to be careful about so called “Laws of Attraction”. That’s dangerous territory. They call them “New Thought” but they’re age old explorations of metaphysical principles. Don’t be fooled. People sometimes want to appropriate laws from the Bible without acknowledging the Giver of the laws. How?! Unscrupulous con men will continue to exploit the faith,” Paul had written centuries ago. Don’t unleash powerful forces in your life without the personal guidance of the Creator of those forces- God Almighty. If you do you’ll open yourself up to satanic forces and deceitful manipulation.

As per the abduction of #ChibokGirls by Boko Haram, people don’t know this but God is the ultimate human rights activist. He’s particular about defending the defenceless- children, widows, orphans, the poor. He says so several times. Shekarau and his ilk have their comeuppance coming I assure you. Unless God is not God!

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Your mentor,


© Leke Alder 2014

Tags : Faith, Reality, Manipulation

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