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Laser Focus

My dear Jack, you’ve got to focus. If you want to succeed in life you have to focus. Focus means pouring your energy into something. It means putting in your all. Focus means avoiding distractions. And there are many distractions in life. Some are connubial. Focus means putting yourself on a material fast until you accomplish something. You avoid indulgence. You do delayed gratification.

Sometimes focus means avoiding certain company. If your friends lack focus that can derail you. And focus can mean avoiding certain relationships. Whether you like it or not your girlfriend will have an effect on you. She can help channel your energy, keep you on track. Or she can derail you. Just like some guys derail women. Focus sometimes means avoiding certain watering holes in order to concentrate on your passion. Focus may also mean you sleep less than everyone, pulling all-nighters in order to deliver on a project.

Focus means being ambitious, wanting to be better than what you are, going beyond where you are. Focus means aspiration reaching high, working hard, pouring in mental capacity, thinking through. Focus means you’re result oriented. It’s not about going through motions, it’s about accomplishing results. Focus means you don’t waste your life on non directional pursuit. You have to be laser. Focus means having a vision, going somewhere definitive. And everyone can tell even if your journey is not exactly defined. Focus means trying to sort out your game. You can’t afford to waste your youth on trivial pursuit.

Focus is sense of responsibility. When something is committed into your hand your boss can go to sleep. You’re trusted to deliver. Focus is the long hours you spend thinking about a goal, how to accomplish an objective. It’s also about trying to connect with those who can give you direction.

Focus means you plan and think through. You can’t afford to waste life’s resources. And the most valuable resource is your length of days. Focus is knowing you don’t have all the time in the world to be a youth. The period is soon over and you’re an adult. Focus is having a plan. Focus is not wasting your youth on things without value even if they seem to elevate your standing in the wrong crowd. Focus is clearly defining your audience, knowing your audience, connecting with your audience.

Focus is trying to get ahead in life, believing you can come up from under, having faith you can accomplish the implausible. Focus is people trying to discourage you and you redoubling your effort. You have been to the top of the mountain. You can see tomorrow. Focus is not wasting your life on carnal pursuit. It’s about being strategic, knowing what you should want. Focus is that drive inside of you. It’s that fire burning. Focus is not being perturbed about the poor rating of your background. It’s the determination the circumstances of your birth will not hinder you from getting to the top. Focus is putting in your all into opportunities in life, making the most of introductions, impressing everyone you meet with the brilliance of your youth. Focus is that inner determination. It’s knowing there are levels of attainment and each has a permissible time frame.

Focus is not trying to prove manhood to your girlfriend prematurely. It’s you not doing today what you should do tomorrow. Focus is you not wasting the morning of your life. It’s you laying the foundation of the future through hard-work and discipline. Focus is being inner motivated, not waiting on external stimuli. It’s about thinking ahead, delivering more than is required of you. Focus is not wasting money on nonsense, all just to prove you’re “the Man.” Manhood needs no announcement or fanfare. Focus!

When you’re focused life takes cognisance. When you’re focused a woman will know. When you’re focused your friends will know. The serious ones will understand and get inspired. Iron sharpens iron. A community of focused youths is an incredible thing. But sometimes the journey of focus is a lone journey. Focus often requires we traverse terrains alone. Focus can be a lonely journey. When you’re focused you don’t get carried away with titillations of success. You know there’s something higher, something bigger. It’s just hidden behind the curtain of time. Be focused my friend. Concentrate your energy. Keep your eyes on the road. A journey of focus means you don’t go wandering around the alley ways of life, scrounging for life’s garbage.

Focus requires discipline. If you cannot discipline yourself you cannot achieve. If you set too low a bar for yourself you won’t challenge your capacities. You must believe in things you cannot see if you want to be an achiever. The journey of attainment is a journey of faith. No young man can say with certainty what tomorrow will bring. But we potentiate ourselves for probabilities. So when possibilities arrive we’re ready. Focus is knowing attaining that goal requires additional education and going for it. Focus is a philosophy of no excuses allowed, even when excuses are permitted. Focus is losing that thesis two days to submission, starting all over again and meeting the deadline. Focus is reaching beyond yourself, placing no limitation on yourself. You don’t whittle down you. Focus is avoiding voices of discouragement, including well-intentioned words that plant fear. Focus is a long term play. It’s about a long term view of life. The woman of your future will arrive, and when she does you’ll know. You just focus for now. Focus!

Your mentor, LA

© Leke Alder |

Focus is clearly defining your audience, knowing your audience, connecting with your audience. Click To Tweet



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