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My dear Jack, you’ve got to pace yourself. You can’t take on too much of life at once. You can’t gourmandize on life. You’ll vomit life. Pace yourself. Continue reading

The logic of relationships

My dear Jil, the desires of our life naturally present their own logic. This is more so in relationships. But we don’t always factor in the logic of our desire. Continue reading

Letter to Jack- Data Breach

My dear Jack, you’re still not getting it are you? Let me see if I can help you see it. Continue reading

My dear Jil, it’s the beginning of the year. The year is pregnant – pregnant with hopes and dreams and possibilities. Either of two things would have happened already. Continue reading

My dear Jack and Jil, I present a few nuggets from my letters to you this year. Here they are: Continue reading

My dear Jack, I did promise to do you a letter on how to be a good student. Here I am fulfilling my promise. You can share it with your friends. I’m of course writing with the benefit of hindsight. And I have the benefit of life and experience. Continue reading

My dear Jack, it is the saying of the elders that the head of a new born should not suffer cranial misadventure when elders are in the market place. When your neighbour is greedily gulping down termites by day the wise among you ought to restrain him, another adage says. If not, no one will sleep comfortably at night. My dear Jack, you’re gulping down termites. For the sake of sonorous sleep for the rest of us I shall address your relationship issues. They are fundamental. Right now you’re the vision of a lavatory Olympian. Your termite consumption is heavy. Continue reading

Desperate Measures

My dear Jil, loneliness can be difficult, very difficult. But it can also turn deadly. If you’ve been waiting for a man for some time it can drive you to do things you won’t ordinarily contemplate. Continue reading

My dear Jack, sorry I couldn’t reply your mail earlier. You know how busy my schedule can be.

Continue reading

The Power of Agreement

My dear Jil, one of the critical mechanics of a good marriage is agreement. And I’m not just talking situational agreement on specific issues. I’m talking about agreement on life philosophy, values, doctrine and concept of family. These are things that produce harmony.

Continue reading

Page 2 of 63
1 2 3 4 63
Page 2 of 63
1 2 3 4 63